About us

From a tireless search for materials and a strong sense of color, 19:13 DRESSCODE is born, a balance between femininity, irreverence and movement to celebrate the woman who chooses to wear the brand.

A luxurious 100% Made In Italy wardrobe featuring semi-sheer tulle corsets and fluttering skirts. 19:13 DRESSCODE offers an easy luxury collection for women with a multi-faceted and distinctly ironic personality.

Because life is a party.

19:13 DRESSCODE is produced by the Fashion Academy, an Apulian production company that employs over forty highly qualified artisans.

Fashion Academy specializes in the production of women's clothing and has been offering the highest quality manufacturing for over thirty years - in particular light fabrics, corsets and evening dresses - so much so that it is today a key partner for the most important luxury houses. .